About us



Rachel grew up in upstate New York (near the Finger Lakes) eating great food and drinking great wine. She has since made a semi-professional career attempting to continue that trend. Rachel loves nothing more than sharing the experience of wine with friends, family, and complete strangers - as long there is good wine involved! Rachel is currently a diploma candidate in the Wine, Sprits Educator Trust program, and has obtained her Level 1 certification through the Court of Master Sommeliers. In addition to wine, she loves books, traveling, every single new experience, and shoes. Her wine preferences tend toward an American palate: she likes fruit forward, big bodied, dry reds, and crisp, refreshing whites. She has never met a dessert wine that she did not love.




Emma is a native of England, where she spent her school days outside of London and her summers at a cottage in Bordeaux, where she learned absolutely nothing about wine. Since making the move across the pond nearly 5 years ago, Emma has managed to avoid loving the Americans too much (that would be inappropriate) while (whilst!) embracing the finer points of their wine industry. Emma is an avid reader, a proper English barrister, and yes, she has a special tea set which only comes out for Royal occasions. Her palate appreciates both Old World and New World wines - from the herbal varietals in Crozes-Hermitage to the full bodied, fruit forward red blends of the Sonoma Coast. She will tell you all to bugger off before you can make her drink sweet wine and like it.