Wine Review: 2011 Château Roquefort

In anticipation of a post on what wines to buy in Costco coming later this week we thought that we should review something we bought there. We definitely do not confine ourselves to just buying expensive wines from little boutiques, though they do seem to appear a little too frequently on my credit card! We love nothing more that getting a good deal on wine at a grocery store, and where better to start than the giant of all grocery stores?!

Costco continues to terrify me, it’s just way too big, you can’t get anything in regular quantities and the amount of hummus that one person can end up with is enough for a year! But the wine comes in manageable amounts, bottles that you would see in other places and so for that reason the wine aisle tends to be my ‘safe place’ (that or the sheds or summerhouses that they are selling!)

This week we came across a wine that we hadn’t seen before and so we had to buy it. The Château Roquefort is a Bordeaux-style red blend of Merlot and Cabernet. On the nose there was plenty of black fruit, predominantly blackcurrants, it was incredibly fruity with a slight inky smell as well, like when you smell a fountain pen.

On the palate the wine is a lot less complex, the black fruit remains with hints of spice but nothing overwhelming. The wine is not quite rounded enough and lacks a certain something on the tongue. The finish was okay, longer than I expected but still missing something.

Rachel was definitely not a fan of this wine, and promptly dumped hers over the side of the patio so she could move on to the Garnacha.

Also, note that we’re adding a new feature to our Wine Reviews. At the end of the info paragraph at the bottom, we’ll give you an idea of whether or not you’d like this wine by comparing it to other wine you might already like. Hope it’s helpful!

Rating: Maybe If It Was Free. Place of Purchase: Costco. Retail Price: $9. You’ll like this wine if you like: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot or Malbec (and you will probably like them a lot more)

Stay tuned for a post on the wines of Costco later this week...