Wine Review: 2012 Vinaceous Snake Charmer Shiraz

Whilst everyone else was grilling last weekend we decided to stay in and cook. Now if you know anything about our skills in the kitchen this was quite the undertaking. Any cooking experience must be accompanied by wine, it just makes everything a little less stressful. This week we decided to go with the Vinaceous Snake Charmer.

This is a wine that Rachel found and liked at a local restaurant, and then they took it off the menu. Never fear, research was done and it was tracked down to a store in Virginia (a replacement wine has also been found in the restaurant.)

The Vinaceous concept is to produce 7 wines representing 7 different personalities, and you can definitely see this on the labels. It’s a fun label for a fun bottle.

The Shiraz comes from Southern Australia, where it is aged in oak for 12 months. It is a deep ruby red and smells like dark fruits and coffee. According to some of the tasting notes you also get some ‘wet saddle’, which I guess you do, though I’m not sure that that is the best smell to experience just before you taste the wine!

On the palate the fruits come through, but they are far from overbearing. I really got the dark cherry and chocolate/mocha, the wine has a long finish and it is then that you can really taste the oak.

It’s a really good sipping red, and definitely improved the whole cooking experience. As for rating, I would have to go with Weeknight Wine, it’s definitely going to be a staple in this apartment.

See the picture below, and please be impressed with the saag paneer! But this wine would also go really well with grilled food for those enjoying the last evenings of summer.

Rating: Weeknight Wine. Place of Purchase: Grateful Red in Arlington, VA. Retail Price: $20