Wine Review: 2010 Ridgeview Grosvenor

Okay this still counts as a Sunday Wine Review since I actually drank it on Sunday, the delay in posting is going to be put down to jet lag and travel!

So I was back in England last week, and I’m not going to lie I was a little concerned about what exactly I was going to write about. The UK isn’t renowned for its wine, beer definitely, wine less so. But then I came across this place, in the interests of full disclosure I’d actually visited the vineyard previously and just hadn’t been able to get the wine that I purchased back on the airplane and so had had to leave it at home. Since I was home for my brother’s graduation there was really no better time to drink some sparkling wine.

The grapes are grown on the South Downs, which is about an hour south of London and 88 miles northewest of Champagne. The wines are trade marked with the name Merret in honour of Christopher Merret who presented a paper to the Royal Society in 1662 documenting the method of making sparkling wine. This was a whole 30 years before the method was written about in champagne, but we’ll let that go for now!

The wine has a royal history as well, it was served at the Queen’s 80th birthday celebrations in 2006 and was rumoured to be part of the recent royal wedding. I don’t need much more convincing than that.

The Grosvenor is a blanc des blancs, so 100% chardonnay, and is a very pale gold colour, with extremely ‘active’ bubbles! The nose is all honey and peaches, with a little apricot and furthermore is incredibly subtle, whilst the palate is vibrant and citrusy. In fact very citrusy and for the life of me I couldn’t pick up on the white fruits that I should have been tasting. We drank this on its own and it was really refreshing, not at all heavy and it went down very easily.

Honestly I was pleasantly surprised by the whole experience, I really wanted to like the wine, since it was English and had the royal seal of approval, but was quite prepared to need to spit it out immediately, but that was far from my reaction and we quite happily finished the bottle. I would definitely have it again, and as such I’ll give it:

Rating: I’ll take half a case!