Wine Review: 2012 1234 Siegel Reserva Red Wine

It is increasingly seeming like drinking a wine AND then blogging about it on a Sunday was incredibly optimistic on our part, so until we get better organized we are going to have to settle for the drinking it on a Sunday and then writing about it that week, but I promise that we will try to get better!

So since it is still summer, it is still wine on the roof time. Which means really that whatever we drink has to go well with grilled food. If Rachel and I aren’t in charge of anything beyond the wine and the chips then this can be a delightful experience, when we are in charge of cooking it’s best if the wine goes well with burnt and charred food or can be drunk alone!

This week we were trying a blend; the Siegel Reserva is 50% Syrah, 30% Carmenére, 10% Petit Verdot and 10% Cabernet Franc. It comes from Chile, where the grapes are grown on the hillside and come from 7 different estates.

The wine is an incredibly deep red and the nose is all black fruits, cloves and leather. To me it tasted like the Fall, or Autumn, for our international readers (I promise I haven’t forgotten my roots, my spelling throughout this blog will attest to that!). It reminds me of one of those first cold nights of Fall when the nights start closing in, you’re wrapped up in a blanket and are seriously considering lighting the first fire of the season. The smell of logs and hints of cinnamon are also there.

Side note: I’m pretty new to this wine thing, and like to think about what experiences the wine reminds me of. Often Rachel will translate what I’m talking about into technical wine speak or indeed words and descriptions that others will understand! Some of my previous highlights include wine that tastes like an ‘expired bonfire’, a ‘gym locker room’ and a ‘mango in the sea.’

Back to the wine, on the palate it is incredibly balanced, with meaty tannins. Black fruit, pepper and tobacco spring to mind as tastes, and you can really taste the Petit Verdot. The wine has a medium finish and opens up and becomes more fruit forward over time.

I’m a complete sucker for this kind of wine, and so would have to go ahead and order a case, as such I would have to rate it as follows:

Rating: No, I Won’t be Sharing! Place of Purchase: DCanter in Washington, DC. Price Point: $15