Back. Again.

There is really no excuse for our absence from blogging, except that maybe we got exceptionally busy for a little while there, and forgot how to write. I say ‘we got exceptionally busy’ that should really apply only to Rachel who is making considerable progress through her WSET Diploma. Exams in Fortified Wines and Spirits, and papers on Gin, and the relationship between multi-retailers and their suppliers, will hopefully bring us back around to still and sparkling wines, which is really the part that I enjoy the most. I think the ‘forgetting how to write’ only applies to me, and for that you have my utmost apologies.

Anyway, the new site brings with it a new commitment to update the blog more regularly, and some new services that we are planning on offering here at Clō Wines, though more details on that will follow soon.

There’s some exciting blogs coming as well (which is only fair given the absence). We have an update, or two, on our trip to Alsace, more Virginia tastings, probably something educational and informative, alongside the usual whimsy and prominence given to all thing English wine related!

So, with promises of a prompt return, welcome to the new Clō Wines site, and I hope you come back!